Case Studies

Case Studies

Flexi Leasing

For one of our clients, who had a catalog based web site earlier, we had provided a solution which contains a full-fledged e-commerce and web application along with mobile application for different touch points of the customer interaction.

In a span of 8 months, we have designed, developed and deployed an entire application suite seamlessly integrating an ecommerce web application and the supporting mobile applications for our customer. The customer can browse through the products available for leasing in the customers web site and place an order for the product of his/her liking and make payment. The application checks and approves the lease application interfacing with various third party services. A web portal for administrators has been developed where the required back office work is carried out for the entire lease period and this portal supports various functionality.

Android mobile applications have been developed for customers to apply for credit at the store, express interest in a particular product at the  partner stores during off-hours, delivery confirmation for the product delivery to the customer place. These are all seamlessly integrated.

 Our client has seen a good number of orders coming through this channel and has noticed a significant improvement in the efficiency of the operations for this order channel.