Software Testing & Outsourcing

Our qualified testers at KITS brought enormous value to the Agile teams and to the automated regression test suite for several web applications using Selenium We successfully developed the Agile Test Automation Strategy and offered automated testing services to 30 + clients in India and across the globe. We have developed VisGrid, Fillo and Robotil freeware automated testing tools that are widely used by the test automation community. We have tested 100+ mobile applications that are running real-time for Android and IOS devices. We have enhanced our testing outsourcing services specific to the FinTech, which is today’s crucial domain containing huge amount of data. We are exhaustive in helping this industry through rigorous and unbiased testing processes from multi-tier functionality to the large-scale integration and multiple fast and secure transactions.

To reduce risk and enhance ROI across diverse industries, we progress with complete end-to end testing that includes;
  • Functionality testing
  • Browser/Operating System/ Platform Compatibility Testing
  • Website Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Performance/Load Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Client/Server LAN Driven Application Testing
  • Regression Testing