Agile & DevOps Solutions

Our DevOps team uses best-in-class development tools including, Azure DevOps and Redmine, an agile project management tool; GitHub, TFS, and BitBucket, a version control software; AWS, IIS, ToggleBox, Wamp, Google Play Store, and App Store as a hosting environment; for building the quality software with code review. At KITS, we are practiced with Agile approach and automate end-to-end delivery pipelines to turn out quality releases more quickly and efficiently ensuring continuous deployment. We have an integrated team to work collaboratively to expose any potential and complex problems faster due to the combination of shared code base, automated deploys, and test-driven techniques. The latest and modern tools have enabled us to break free of rigid, process-oriented application life cycles that isolate development, testing, project management, and secure the workflow.

Our DevOps tools and services help in
  • Maintaining consistency in your software deliveries.
  • Reducing the complexities involved in managing your systems.
  • Secure the workflow and resolve the problems as and when they occur.
  • Automating your routine, repetitive tasks.
  • Deploy often with built-in continuous delivery.